A GYFT of Sleep
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A GYFT OF SLEEP Solutions offers different types of packages based on your unique situation.

We provide evidence based recommendations and solutions for sleep issues such as night awakenings, bedtime battles and nap transitions. No matter which package you choose, we will provide guidance and support for various sleep training methods, including gentle techniques and more structured approaches. We work with you and create a customized sleep plan for you and your child while, keeping your parenting style and comfort level as our top priority.

All Packages Include

Newborn (birth - 3 months)

2 Week Plan $475

Welcome to the world little one!

Let’s help your parents create healthy sleep habits from the very beginning.

This Package is for you if:

Explorer (3 months – 1 year)

2 Week Plan $545

You are a curious little one exploring the world!

The first few months of parenthood are full of new experiences and emotions, and it can be difficult to make your child’s sleep habits a priority. Let’s learn how to guide you to a full night of peaceful sleep all on your own.

This Package is for you if:

Boundary Tester (1 year - 3 years)

2 Week Plan $635

You know you can do IT, but you are testing to see if you can get away with not doing IT!

As your baby grows into a toddler, they are constantly learning and developing new strategies to get the things they want and need from the world around them. Crying, stomping, yelling, hitting, and throwing themselves on the floor are common strategies for obtaining the negative attention needed to achieve the desired outcome.

This Package is for you if:

The OG - Been There Done That (3 years – 10 years)

3 Week Plan $725

You feel security and comfort when sleeping with your mom or dad. The time is NOW to take the next big step.

Older children may still sleep with their parents for a variety of reasons. Sleep training can help children establish healthy sleeping habits and routines and improve their overall health and well-being.

This Package is for you if: