The promise of peaceful sleep tonight and every night

If you have read all the books, googled all the questions….or even if you have not and still feel stuck, I got your back.

5 tips to get your child sleeping through the night

If your baby or toddler is having trouble sleeping through the night then you’re not alone! Download your free copy of my 5 tips to help your little one get a restful night’s sleep.

Many parents including myself went though the emotions of Frustration, Exhaustion, Helplessness, Guilt, Anxiety and Desperation when their little ones are not sleeping. It is important for parents to take care of themselves and seek support when they are feeling overwhelmed by their babies’ sleep habits.

My goal as a Healthcare Professional and a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant is to help parents and their children get the rest they need to thrive. I find it incredibly rewarding to see parents and children alike benefit from better sleep and improved well-being.

Welcome to your life: “Parenthood!”

Here your nights are sleepless, and you need endless cups of coffee to just barely make it through your long day. In your world, sleep is like gold: precious and rare.

Yana Khassanov

We know that sleep is important. Sleep is essential for health and development. During sleep, the body produces growth hormones that help babies grow and develop physically. Sleep helps the brain process and consolidate the information that you learn during the day. Sleep helps with memory retention, learning, and cognitive development. Sleep is crucial for the development of a strong immune system. During sleep, the body produces cytokines, which help fight off infections and diseases. Additionally, adequate sleep does improve mood and behavior.

Let me help you and your little one get peaceful sleep tonight and every night!